So. Many. Updates!

So, what’s new? Just a few things, such as…

  • Let Love Stay has been released! It’s available now. Check my purchase page for links to your favorite store.
  • I’ve updated my Reviews and What I’m Reading pages.
  • My first newsletter went out. If you aren’t already on the list, add your name over to the right (—->) to make sure you get the next one.
  • Oh, more hot guys and too many abs to count in the Too Hot for Facebook section. Enjoy 😉
  • And finally, Let Love Stay signed paperbacks will be available in The Love Store soon. Check back in a few days and they should be ready. If you can’t  you want to get on the pre-order list, just send an email using the link in “follow-me” section on the right. We’ll make sure you receive a notification when they’re ready.

Thank you all so, sooooo much for all of the love and support!