Let Love Stay – Bonus Scene #1

Bonus Scene #1 – Let Love Stay Blog Tour – Melissa Collins

I hate Christmas shopping.  I was never a fan of giving or receiving gifts.  Aunt Maggie never gave me more than knitting needles and yarn.  All she ever got in return was a gift card to the local craft store.  She was happy and I was miserable, but hell, that was just how life was.

Holding some lame ass pair of flannel pajama pants up in front me, I smile all too happily at the thought of these hanging low on Reid’s hips.  Yes, these will do just fine.

Mel chimes in from across the rack at Macy’s.  “What’s the goofy grin for?”

“Huh? Oh me?  Nothing?”

“Don’t ‘Oh nothing’ me Missy!  You were so just mentally drooling all over your boyfriend weren’t you?”

Guility, I place the pants back on the rack and laugh at her.  “Okay, fine I was…daydreaming.  But can you blame me?”

“Eww, no.  I am so not weighing in on how hot Reid is!  He’s like a brother.  Eww.  No. Gross.”  Melanie is flailing her arms all over the place and holding her nose in a mock protest of how stinky she thinks this conversation is.

Walking up next to her and wrapping my arm around her shoulder, I hug her tightly.  “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” I quote and she just smacks my arm playfully.

“Okay, fine.  He’s hot, but marginally so.”  Melanie arches her eyebrow at me and I know I’ve won.

We walk out of Macy’s, no purchases in hand and I’m really struggling with what to get him.  As we’re walking down the overly crammed walkway of the mall, I’m instantly drawn to the pretzel stand at the side.   Buttery, doughy goodness?  Yes, please!

After handing the cashier, my money I lean back on the counter and wait for my drink and pretzel nuggets.  I catch Melanie staring across the way and, following her persistent gaze, my stomach drops when I see Reid in the jewelry store.

Grabbing onto her, I nearly rip Melanie’s arm out of the socket.  “Is that… Is he… he’s not buying…”  I can’t even get a full sentence out.

Melanie’s face is laced with surprise as she turns to face me.  “I don’t know, Maddy.  Do you want me to go talk to him?”

“I don’t know!  What are you going to say?  Don’t tell him I’m here!  Oh God!”  Melanie laughs at my overly dramatic reaction.

“Oh just calm down, would you!  I’ll just say I saw him and thought maybe he could use some help.  Okay?”  She runs her hands down my arms to try and calm me down.  It doesn’t work.

Slinking down into one of the chairs the pretzel booth has set up, I prop my bag up in front of me to try and disguise myself.  All I really manage to do is feel like an idiot.  I’m sure I look like an idiot too.

Watching, from behind my stupid bag like a moron, I watch Melanie and Reid chatting animatedly.  She points at something and Reid points at another.

When Reid turns away to pay the clerk, Melanie looks over to me and stifles a laugh.  She holds her hands out in front of her and mouths the words “it’s huge.”

My heart plummets.  She didn’t let him buy what I think he just bought, did she?

Now I sound like a fool even in my own head.

As Melanie walks back over to me, I see Reid walk the other way.  Standing up from behind my post, I nearly yell at her as she approaches.  “What the hell, Melanie?  What did you just do?  Please tell me you didn’t…”  She cuts me off before I can continue my frenzy.

“Oh, just shut up.”  She quips as she grabs her bag and mine from the table.  Saying nothing else she just walks away from me.

Chasing after her like the fool that I am, I call out, “What did he buy me?  Where are you going?  Melanie!”  The last shrill outcry forces her to turn around.  It also garners a few awkward stares from some shoppers.

“Oh.My.God.  I am not telling you what he bought you.”  She crosses her arms over her chest and snickers at me.  “But, believe me, you’ll love it.”  When her lips curl up into the goofiest grin, I want to slap it off of her face.

Pulling me to her side, she smiles.  “I think we’re going to have to do better than flannel pj’s though.”

That thought makes my stomach drop yet again.