Let Love Live – Extended Teaser

I’m taking a quick break and I wanted to give you this short snippet from Let Love Live (The Love Series #5). I’m very excited to get this book out to you. I’m aiming for July. So, until then, happy reading.

It’s pretty much empty inside – all I can see are mats and a few unoccupied machines. “We’re running a special for our grand opening. Maybe you and your,” she pauses, seemingly searching for the right word before her eyes settle on Reid. She hands me a flier, listing all the prices and services. “Maybe you and your friend might be interested.”

“Thanks.” I glance down at her name tag. “Kirsty.” I smile at her, taking the slip of paper from her hand. Reid taps on the front window, giving me the “we need to go” signal.

I step on the wheel-lock of the stroller and turn to leave as someone else walks in.

A hot someone else.

Tall. Built.

Tattoos flirt with the edge of his shirt – his employee shirt.

Maybe joining here might not be a bad idea, after all.

Relationships and thoughts of more be damned. I could use a little eye-candy in my life.

“Oh, here.” He takes a step back to the door through which he just walked. “Let me get that for you.” His large frame doesn’t leave much room for me to step past him. I actually have to turn sideways just so I don’t touch him.

“Thanks,” I say my voice a bit gruffer than it usual is.

He smiles at me through the glass as I approach Reid before he turns his back and goes to the counter where Kirsty was sitting when we walked in.

“Everything okay?” I have to actually jog a few steps to catch up to Reid who is a few feet in front of me.

“Yeah, Maddy’s just really sick this morning.” He looks over at me, a curious look on his face. “You okay?”

“Me? I’m fine.” I lie, because lying to both him and myself is much easier than admitting how much I want to go back to the gym and see just what Michelson’s has to offer.

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