What it’s like being married to an author?

CoupleDream-4x6What is it like being married to an author? Good question… I’ve been asked that a few times and I think I might have a different answer each time. That question seems like a good opportunity for a blog post. So here goes (in no particular order)

I guess the most logical place to start, even though I said “in no particular order” is when this all started. When Melissa said she thought she was going to write a book. Naturally, I was completely behind her. I knew she could do it. I had no doubts she would succeed. What she puts her mind to, she always wins. It’s just who she is. What I did not know is where it all would go.

I remember when she first started writing Let Love In and she’d send me chapters at a time to read for her. I felt part of the process and I think that’s what helped me really get that we’re in this together, it’s not only Melissa. I enjoyed every word she wrote and each word made me feel closer to her. She trusted me with things that were so intimate – her words. I’ve never been much of a reader, specifically of fiction. At least not since High School (my favorite books then were The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird). I’ve been more of a biography, historical book or “glossy pages” kind of guy. Books, in my adult life, just haven’t been my thing. However, to this day there’s only been two of Melissa’s books I haven’t read completely – Let Love Heal and Let Love Live. I’ve started both. I’ll read them, I promise babe. 🙂

I unofficially call myself the Chief Technology Officer for Melissa Collins Author. Sure, maybe it’s only when I talk to myself. This is probably where I get most involvement with this venture. I take care of the website, the mailing list, email accounts, all that “tech” stuff. Making sure it “just works” when it’s needed. I enjoy it. That’s where I have fun.

Release days or release weeks. I’m not sure who stalks more – her or I. Once that “publish” button is clicked and the next book is live on the various platforms, we both become click happy checking the status. Is it live on Apple yet? What’s the rank? Is it going up or down? How many sold? Do readers love it? Please let them love it. All of these emotions are running through both of us. But this is probably where my most important hat comes in – Chief Book Therapist.

As Chief Book Therapist, these times are among the most stressful. There’s a lot of reassuring going on. I won’t lie, it’s difficult. But also so, so incredibly rewarding seeing her succeed with something that she has poured her soul into. Most recently, seeing the feedback from readers about Let Love Live – it’s been so amazing.

That brings me to, maybe my most favorite part: the interaction. Whether that be with the fans in her fan group on Facebook, other authors when we’re at signings (oh yea… we’ll get to signings in a moment), customer service at the various platforms and vendors we use. I enjoy it. I think the most fun I have is those little events on Facebook. I really enjoy jumping in and interacting with the ladies. I’m sure it’s pretty rare that a dude is involved in those (right?), so getting in there to spice it up a little – it’s fun. Fans are such a huge part of an author’s success. Without them – really, where would they be? So whatever I can do that helps the interaction in a positive way, that can lead to people loving Melissa or her books more – why wouldn’t I do that?

The signings. Oh, the signings – I really enjoy these. I’ve been lucky enough to be to three of them. Melissa’s first in Stamford, Authors in the City in our backyard of NYC and the North Shore Author Event outside of Boston. All of these were a ton of fun. These events are where I get to put on my Chief Proud Officer hat. It’s where I’m the most proud of my wife. To see the fans have the opportunity to meet her, ask for an autograph and “fan girl” over her is both surreal and awe inspiring. The other part of the fun is getting to just hang out, chat and drink after these events. Let’s just say there’s some interesting conversation when you put a bunch of smut writing authors in a room and feed them alcohol 🙂

I think I’ve been all over the place here so I’m going to start wrapping it up now. At the end of it all, as stressful as it gets at some points, I do think this has brought us closer together. Sure, it’s hard. But we’re in this together.

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