What Let Love Heal meant to me (Day 2)


Day 2 of Spotlight: Let Love Heal!

Mayas Sanders from Reading By The Book stops by to tell us what Let Love Heal meant to her. Thank you for sharing, Mayas!

Not all women are size zero or even size sixteen but what we have in common is that we are a size. Upon reading Let Love Heal by Melissa Collins or any of her books for that matter I have learned and truly accepted that struggling with how you look to yourself and what WE feel others are viewing us as is a cycle that can only be broken with time. Regardless of how many times we are told how beautiful we are or how we are loved for brains, kind-heart, and determination or insecurities get in the way and negativity of lack of self worth comes into play.

I myself have struggled with weight for many years and although I may appear strong on the outside there is still a battle within. Like Melanie I labeled myself and struggled with accepting the greatness that is ME. Shy away from the compliments and figured it was manipulation to get what was the ultimate goal, money or my body. It took years and a good friend to help open my eyes to the awesomeness that is within myself and on display for others to see.

Now I can tell myself that NO I will not look like my friends, No I may never fit into a size 14 again but YES I will work hard to become the person I am destined to be and love myself more for not giving up and letting it consume me. Appreciate the drive to make myself more comfortable in my own skin and work on a healthier action plan. Build off the support of others as well as the negativity because both will only make me stronger as a person and more determined to reach goals that I have set in place.

In Let Love Heal, Melanie struggled with her appearance as well as worth but with the support of family, friends, and losing what she held dear she not only gained that confidence but also worked on conquering fears that was weighing her down. She was determined to overcome that obstacle and her strength contributed to my strength and drive. I started work on ME this year because of books that are inspiration and characters like Melanie that I can not only enjoy but relate to on a more personal level. Cry with because not only am I feeling empathy for them but I see myself as them. It becomes me no longer reading their story but living me own. I remember when I finished reading Let Love Heal and messaged Melissa and thanked her for writing MY story. I was a fan before then but Let Love Heal bonded us as friends. The conversation got more personal and before it was over, I was truly in tears. Melissa and I have never met but I feel as if we have been friends forever, whenever I share or promote Let Love Heal I call it “our baby”, because it will always be me as Melanie struggling with self doubt and acceptance of who I am and how I look.

If you have not read this story Ii suggest you do, not only because of my experience but because they is a little bit of Melanie in all of us. Whether we are that size zero or that size sixteen. Whether we are comfortable with who we share to the world or show our feelings on our sleeve. There comes a time when we just have to, Let Love Heal.

Mayas Sanders