What Let Love Heal meant to me (Day 3)


Today is day 3 of spotlighting Let Love Heal. Nasha from Unknown Book Reviews stops b y to tell us what Let Love Heal meant to her. Thank you for sharing with us Nasha!! Sparkling love right back at ya!

Hi!! Well this post is to tell you how Let Love Heal helped me with my body image, self esteem and all that.

I have to say I have read a lot big girls book, but they are usually so sexual, so sexy, so confident and even if I tried to be, I just couldn’t. It wasn’t as simple as they make it look like.

I won’t tell you that after reading the book I was 100% happy with me because I would be lying, but it was a progress… a long hard progress. It helped me in so many ways I will be forever grateful of reading this book.

Let’s go back in time, to school years. I was bullied so much by my so-called friends because I wasn’t skinny, that was all. I felt so useless at such a young age that it simply sucked. Going back to my house (it was perfect at my mom’s house) but my dad’s house was another story His family made me feel like I was just a big balloon. I never ate with them, ever. I got to a point where I usually ate hidden in the bathroom so I wouldn’t get picked on, something a 9 year old shouldn’t be doing I think.

And that ‘’simple’’ shit of life incidents made me do so many things to have what they called ‘’Perfect Body’’ and also stuff to make me see my body as my enemy and harm it.

When I turned 18 and started college I promised myself that I would be different. That I would be the happiest girl in the world, new friends, new world. But nothing, After fighting with my demons I decide to go to therapy which it helped me in a few ways but I still wasn’t happy. My demons were inside me trying to get out and screw me over again.

Here is when Melissa comes in. I will always think she is a little miracle in the storm. After I read the book I figured everything my therapist told me and I was so sad to see, what my mom always told me and I just ignored it. In order to be happy you really HAVE to love yourself. She will make you see that you just need to be confident in who you are, be happy with who you are. To accomplish stuff in your life, to have a boyfriend, to have real friends by your side, to simply just be happy every single day. Like this Beyoncé song Pretty Hurts. ‘’When you’re alone all by yourself, and you’re lying in your bed, reflection stares right into you.
Are you happy with yourself?’’ I can gladly finally say YES!

I changed my attitude and applied everything I learned at the therapy and in her book, ever since I have being going up. Of course there is some downs because well, life is not perfect. But this book was my push to be happy for real this time, but happy for ME not for anyone, not for my friends or my family, but for me.
So yes thank you SO SO SO much Melissa for writing this book, it will be forever in my heart and in my life. And always know that where I am today you helped me, you gave me that push and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Lots of sparkling love <3