Let Love Stay – Teaser 5

Thank God I’m working the front desk today.  Taking calls and making appointments is keeping my mind, and my hands for that matter, occupied.  Constantly having some kind of task to accomplish leaves no room for my mind to wander to other, more important things – like Reid and the baby.

As the office begins to clear out for lunch, I head into the staff break room so that I can start to gather my things.  Kathy gave me the rest of the day off since it’s a slow day for appointments anyway.  And, since the office is closed next week for Christmas, there wasn’t much of a reason to have me come back in.

When I return to the front office, I notice a small group of co-workers huddled together behind the partition.  They’re staying out of view of the waiting room, chatting animatedly and ogling someone out there.  Even I have to admit that the Fed-Ex delivery guy is pretty hot.  I laugh at myself as I wonder what kind of ‘package’ the girls must be thinking about.

I sneak up behind them and tap Nikki on the shoulder.  “What are you guys doing back here?”  I’m whispering, but I have no clue why. Nikki is the youngest of the group.  At twenty-five years old, she is the closest to me in age.  She’s tall and lean, long brown hair that shines even in the dull fluorescent office lighting.  Even I can admit that she’s beautiful.

She turns around to me with her forefinger pressed up against her lips indicating that I should keep my voice down.  It’s pointless really because they’re giggling like a bunch of school girls.  I can’t see what the hell they’re looking at, though; they’re all blocking my view.  After checking the waiting room once more, Nikki turns back to me and wraps her arm around my shoulder to pull me to the front of the group.  “We’re looking at him, Mr. Hottie McHot Pants out in the waiting room.”

It’s Reid.  And Hottie McHot Pants doesn’t even come close to describing him.  My insides clench and my heart thuds in my chest at the sight of him.  He is so damn beautiful it’s impossible not to react to him.  He’s wearing his signature casual-but-sexy-as-fuck attire – dark wash jeans that are tight in all the right places, a simple T-shirt that molds to the planes and ridges of his muscled arms and chest.  His aviator sunglasses are tucked into the front of his shirt and he looks like he’s posing for a modeling advertisement.  The real kicker, though, is the leather jacket.  He looks like sex on a stick.  Sex on a bad-boy stick and he’s all mine.

He’s sitting in one of the chairs, his left ankle propped up on his right knee.  Thumbing through some magazine, he looks beyond disinterested and he doesn’t even realize the girls swooning over him.  None of them know who he is.  None of them know that he’s mine, so when Nikki breaks away from the group to go “introduce herself”, I let her.  I want to see how this plays out.

They’re too far away to really hear anything, but as Nikki stands in front of Reid, he barely looks up at her.  He shakes his head no and I see him scan the room and the reception area looking for me.  God, I love him.

Defeated and slightly embarrassed, Nikki returns to us.  We all giggle at her dejected face.  “Not interested, huh?”  I ask, curious to hear how the conversation went.

She huffs.  “Whatever!  He said he was waiting for someone.  Who the hell meets someone at a dentist’s office?”

My lips twitch as I try to stifle my laughter.  Plastering a look of confidence on my face, I say, “Hmm.  Let me give it a try.”  I know full well how it’s going to play out.  I just want to see the look on their faces.

I strut out into the reception area with my bag slung over my shoulder.  As soon as he sees me, he stands gracefully from his chair and strides over to me.  Without saying a word, when we’re no more than a foot apart, I drop my bag to floor and reach up on my tippy toes.  My arms wrap around his neck and my fingers tangle into his silky hair.

Our lips meet soft and sweet at first, but after a week of being separated, the heat consumes us quickly.  My soft body pressing up against his hard muscles sends shivers down my spine and causes my flesh to pimple.  When his full and sexy lips slant over mine and his tongue darts out to dance with mine, I remember that we have an audience.

I pull away from him.  I’m sure my eyes are glazed with lust, and my voice is breathless and heavy – all I can manage is a soft “Hi”.

“Hey yourself, babe.”  He kisses my forehead bends down to pick up my bag for me.  “I hope you don’t greet everyone who walks in here like that.”  He mocks playfully as I pull him over to Nikki and the other girls.

Their faces are wide and shocked, but I can’t hide the mischievous grin that curls the corners of my mouth.  Standing in front of the girls with our fingers laced together, I introduce them to Reid.  “Girls, this is Reid.”  I eye him up and down just so I can drink him in once more, before adding, “My boyfriend.”