Let Love Live Teaser – **Too Hot for Facebook**

LLL-th4fb-teaserThe instant we’re through the door of our apartment, Dylan locks me in his grip, bruising my lips in a frantic and heated kiss. “I’ve been waiting to do that all day,” he murmurs against my mouth.

He pushes me back, shoving me up against the door, nearly knocking the wind out of my lungs. With nimble fingers, he unbuttons my shorts and shoves them down to the floor. When he wraps his hand around my instantly hard cock, I attack his mouth with bruising force. He strokes me from root to tip, back and forth, as his tongue slides in and out of my mouth. Capturing his face in my hands, I hold him still and suck his tongue into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks.

As he sinks to his knees, he reaches one hand up my shirt, pinching my nipple. His hot mouth wraps around my cock, forcing me to bow off the door. With his hands on either side of my hips, pressing against the door, it clatters on its hinges behind me as Dylan fucks me with his mouth.
My fingers dive into his hair, holding him in place as I shove every inch into his throat. “Ahhhh… Dylan…” His tongue swirls around the broad head of my cock, sending waves of pleasure racing over my entire body, drawing my balls tight up against my body. “Fuck,” I growl as he rakes his short nails over them, causing them to tingle even more.

With the sexiest look I’ve ever seen, he reaches up and puts his finger in my mouth, wanting me to suck on it. I match his rhythm, soaking his digit as requested. He drops my dick from his mouth and replaces it with his finger, adding to the moisture gathered there before he pulls me away from the door. His finger sinks into me easily, probing, stretching, fucking me.

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